Saturday, August 1, 2009

Don't Be Sad..

A RuLe Of LiFe..

Not once or twice but hundreds of times,
Life gives us twists and turns of many kinds.
There'll be dilemmas and difficulties to unravel,
Questions, puzzle, and predicaments that baffle,
But if you try to follow this unwritten rule,
Your troubles will be minor, I guarantee you,
Instead recall the positive things you're met,
Take each day that is given to you,
Make the best of it, and don't be blue,
Doors will open, and doors will close,
If you accept it all, you'll have no woes,
Life doesn't always follow your will,
But as you go over and around each hill,
Something more exciting will come into view,
With your mind focused ahead, life stays anew,
Heeding this advice, one thing you'll never miss,
It's the happiness that develops from all this,
So, get into the habit of looking at life,
As being more full of joy than there is strife,
Remember at your very best you must be,
The happiness in your face, people will see,
You'll be making this world a better place to line,
For your family and friends, what more can you give?
So, think about this advice, you can't go wrong,
Life can be as good as beautiful song,
Melodious and clear, harmonious and pure,
But your attitude is the key, you can be sure,
So off you go to meet whatever is ahead!
Just remember the rule of life and all that I've said.

- Betts Rivet-

'jUsT foR YoU'